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Here is a detailed description of case study A (shown in the photographs below)... you will find photographs documenting other very similar stories, below this one.


This client arrived very distressed with tissue paper thin nails under poorly applied acrylic extensions applied by a salon which used electric files, and very poor quality acrylic products on her nails.


The electric files had thinned her nails down so much that she winced whenever the nail plate was touched even by her own fingertips, and the nail edge could be bent and folded like paper. 


Sadly, I have found that this is not an uncommon state for peoples nails to be in after visiting certain well known salons.


Backscratchers Acrylic powder dip system, (and also their silk and fibreglass wrap systems), require NO thinning, scribing or filing away of the surface of the natural nail, nor do they require the application of harsh chemicals in the form of primers or bonders. This means that in cases such as these, I am able to apply them directly to the fragile and damaged nails, immediately easing the pain caused by having tissue-thin nails, and giving enough strength to be able to carry on with normal daily activities without having to worry about these severely damaged nails catching, bending or tearing on clothing etc. 

Overlays such as these can be maintained, or they can simply be allowed to grow out as the new, stronger, natural nails grow in.

Once the overlays were on, the client was so happy and comfortable with how they both felt and looked, she decided to go ahead and have a coating of CND Shellac added to her nails. Once this was done, there was no evidence either in look or feel, of the severe damage underneath. 



Clients nails on arrival before treatment, damage caused by another salon
Clients nails on arrival before treatment, damage caused by another salon
After acrylic overlays, nails are now strong and no longer painful to touch
The finished result with CND Shellac over the top


On arrival - damage previously done by another salon
After application of Backscratchers acrylic overlays
The end result

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